Antarctic Collective Ship Copper Strawberry, under the command of Captain Mio Schuster.

Confiscated Vagrant Ship 23 – Redacted, 2536 CE, 4 3/8″ x 7 1/2″ inches, graphite and ink on paper

Log Date: 5:03 hours on February 22nd, 2536
Interception Coordinates: 54°29’50.75”S, 3°41’20.92”E

Confiscated Vessel Name: n/a
Log/Inventory Number: #66
Net Weight: 107.9 Tons

Inventory of Antarctic Collective Assets Recovered:

  • 15x Sheets of Military Grade Armor Plating,
  • 2x Telecommunication/Radio Antennas,
  • 42x Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  • 6x Construction Barriers, 
  • 1x Rudder from a Class 8 Sailing Yacht,
  • 1x Fiberglass Anthropomorphized Head of Dog Belonging to the Mans Hamilton Estate.

Remarks: Hailed the vessel using the public address system and spotlights. Two of our light boarding skiffs were deployed to prevent the ship from fleeing. AC forces were met with moderate resistance when they attempted to board. The vessel caught fire during the skirmish. The fire burned out after about an hour, allowing AC investigators were able to complete their search.

Record by: Deck Officer #R4-6790-02
Format: 4 3/8” x 7 1/2” inches, graphite and ink on paper.