Antarctic Collective Ship Silver Cucumber, under the command of Captain Crucian Rust

Confiscated Vagrant Vessel 25713 – Redacted, 2537 CE, 4 3/8″ x 7 1/2″ inches, watercolor, graphite and ink on paper

Log Date: 23:03 hours on July 30th, 2537
Interception Coordinates: 52°08’03.1″S, 75°56’48.7″E

Confiscated Vessel Name: n/a
Log/Inventory Number: #25713
Net Weight: 273.6 Tons

Inventory of Antarctic Collective Assets Recovered:

  • 3x Telecommunication/Radio Antennas,
  • 5x Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  • 136x Windows from Antarctic Homes,
  • 26x Sheets of Military Grade Reactive Armor Plating,
  • 1x Rudder from a Copper class Defense Ship,
  • 1x Sail from a Golden Class Defense Ship*,
  • 1x Fiberglass Head from a Captain Jonathan Sellard statue.

Remarks: Hailed the vessel using flashing spotlights and amplifiers. Ten gun crafts were deployed as a precaution to prevent the ship from evading the lawful search. Investigators boarded and searched the vessel without incident. A sail from a Golden class defense ship, possibly belonging to the Golden Pear, was found fixed onto the vessel’s Fore-mast. The captain confiscated this vessel for further inspection.

Record by: Deck Officer #R3-3227-03
Format: 6 1/2” x 10” inches, watercolor, graphite and ink on paper.