Antarctic Collective Ship Copper Peach, under the command of Captain Patrick Oeberg

Confiscated Vagrant Vessel 11 – Redacted, 2536 CE, 22″ x 18 3/8″ inches, graphite and ink on paper

Log Date: 9:45 hours on February 13th, 2536
Intercept Coordinates: 58°43’21.8″S, 33°14’20.8″W

Confiscated Vessel Name: n/a
Log/Inventory Number: #11
Net Weight: 291.4 Tons

Inventory of Antarctic Collective Assets Recovered:

  • 37x Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  • 16x Telecommunication/Radio Antennas,
  • 65x Windows from Antarctic Homes,
  • 4x Windows from Golden Class Defense Ship
  • 14x Sheets of Military Grade Reactive Armor Plating,
  • 2x Rudders from a Silver Class Defense Ship,
  • 1x Salvage Cockpit,
  • 1x Fiberglass Head from a Baghead Advertising Statue,
  • 11x Civilian Air Filtration Suits,
  • 2x Data Pads,
  • 1x Tank Meat Generator,
  • 2x HVAC Systems,
  • 3x Air Rifles.

Remarks: The vessel refused to stop when hailed. Captain Oeberg ordered aggressive intervention to prevent the ship from fleeing. Damages to the deck and hull forced it to drop anchor and allowed investigators to conduct their search. The captain elected to confiscate the vessel when investigators found four windows belonging to a Golden Class Defense Ship.

Record by: Deck Officer #R4-1224-05
Format: 22” x 18 3/8” inches, graphite and ink on paper.