Antarctic Collective Ship Straw Helm, under the command of Captain Sydney Zhao

Confiscated Vagrant Vessel 66 v.2 – Redacted*, 2536 CE, 15 1/8″ x 25″ inches, acrylic and graphite on paper

Log Date: 10:35 hours on March 9th, 2536
Interception Coordinates: 49°39’19.1″S, 43°13’33.5″W

Confiscated Vessel Name: n/a
Log/Inventory Number: #66
Net Weight: 337 Tons

Inventory of Antarctic Collective Assets Recovered:

  • 67x Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbines,
  • 1x Data Projector
  • 1x Projection Screen,
  • 18x Sheets of Military Grade Reactive Armor Plating,
  • 1x Rudder from a Copper Class Defense Ship,
  • 4x Solar Panels,
  • Project 576 infestation,*
  • 18x Data Pads,
  • 3x Tank Meat Generator,
  • 2x Water Desalinization Systems.
  • 6x HVAC Systems,
  • 13x Crossbows,
  • 5x Air Rifles,
  • 11x Telecommunication/Radio Antennas.

Remarks:  We stumbled upon this find accidentally as anchored in a heavy fog. A thick growth of Project 576, aka Pop Plants, was spotted on the afterdeck. Captain Zhao ordered a warning shot fired at the vessel to warn it not to flee, but the gunner accidentally hit the vessel’s hull. The crew took the ship without issue, and investigators could conduct their search without issue. Near the end of their sweep, a “problem occurred” that forced Straw Helm forces to execute Defensive Protocol 18.

Record by: Deck Officer #R4-1224-05
Format: 15 1/8” x 25” inches, acrylic and graphite on paper.