You Never Know How You Look Through Other People’s Eyes, Portland, ME

2018 | Group Exhibition |The Institute of Contemporary Art and Maine College of Art Exhibition Description:“Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies, you never know just how you look through other people’s eyes.” – Gibby Haynes, 1996 Deceptively playful, the Butthole Surfers’ lyrics above make clear the impossibility of having first-hand knowledge of the self […]

Tight Ass: Labor-Intensive Drawing and Realism, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016 | Group Exhibition | Tight Ass: Labor Intensive Drawing considers realism and the hand drawn image. Realism is not simply reproductive but rather a way in which to reflect on social reality, and within that reflective engagement, a disciplined, labor-intensive approach is sustained with the subject through meticulous technical processes. Drawing by hand is […]

The No Place People (v.2), Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

2015 | Solo Exhibition |The so-called “Junks” sailed into the region in vessels that resembled a heap of rubbish more than a ship. With their emergence in the early 24th century, these orphans of the climate crisis complicated life within the Southern Sea Their rise brought terror to the region as they raided homes, plundered […]

All Our Tomorrows and Yesterdays, Proof Gallery, Boston, MA

2013 | Group Exhibition | History is a malleable enterprise subject to the whims and desires of its writers. In this process, photographs become enunciations of the selected truths we use to inform ourselves about the past. The artists in this exhibition prefer another move: through intense investigations of the present, the included paintings, drawings, […]

Loss Revision, Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA

2011 | Solo Exhibition | In Loss Revision, Eric Petitti presents a series of works excerpted from his project “The Dreadnaught Saga”. The project is designed to emphasize the ways in which depictions of history can distort the past in order to influence the present. On close inspection, the details within the work offer different […]