Family Fun Guide: Heroes of Bouvet Island – Page 2


In 2535 the legendary ACS Golden Pear and its crew mysteriously disappeared after overseeing the Bouvet Exchange. Due to the escalating threats of nomadic piracy and Neothian Union (NU) warmongering on the Southern Ocean’s rise, determining its fate became a matter of national security.

The Antarctic Collective High Council launched multiple investigations. After the study concluded, the authorities determined that the Neothian Union military was responsible for the Golden Pear’s disappearance. This decision was the first step toward war with the Arctic superpower.

In 2585, the ACS Golden Pear (7) remains were discovered by Antarctic Collective salvagers in an abandoned encampment on the Astove Island. The evidence found there corroborated High Councilor Jonathan Casco’s (4) theory (7) that Captain Sellard (1) and some of his crew mutinied. The traitors took the newly acquired Project 576 (6) and killed all the Antarctic Collective loyalists.

Researchers learned that Joan Sellard-Liu (2), daughter of High Councilor Maxwell Liu, had led the Antarctic Collective loyalists against her husband (1) to defend the ship and Project 576 (6). Middle Councilor Peggs (5) was instrumental to Joan’s rallying those still faithful to Antarctica.

Sellard had maintained a secret relationship with Sarah Moire (3), and Antarctican librarian from Territory 2. Letters uncovered between Jonathan and Sarah showed he planned to retrieve Sarah after securing the Pear and establishing a base camp. The mutiny damaged his ship so severely he could never make contact with Sarah and Antarctica again.

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