“Never Forget the Pear!”, Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

2010 | Group Exhibition |

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the First Polar War, the Rothera Historical Society provided visitors with a view of the singular event that set in motion Antarctica’s emergence as a power in the post-civilization world: The Loss Loss of the Golden Pear.  The investigation following the legendary defense ship’s loss sparked political firestorm that only stoked the growing public anxieties over the security of the territories.  With the Council voting to accept the Liu-Casco as the truth “Never forget the Pear!” became the battle cry in the hearts of all Collective citizens as they sailed to war in defense of their homeland.

Organized around the four prevailing theories the exhibition provided visitors with the opportunity to re-examine the debate while recent acquisitions relate how Antarctican’s lives and ideas have changed since 2535.