Tight Ass: Labor-Intensive Drawing and Realism, CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016 | Group Exhibition |

Tight Ass: Labor Intensive Drawing considers realism and the hand drawn image. Realism is not simply reproductive but rather a way in which to reflect on social reality, and within that reflective engagement, a disciplined, labor-intensive approach is sustained with the subject through meticulous technical processes.

Drawing by hand is a signifier for identity and the human condition whether that be executed through the rending of the body itself, the objects we desire, or the environments we either create or destroy.

The approaches bridge differing stylistic categories within realism, however, all the artists are engaged in addressing sociopolitical anxieties, recognizing the conflict between the real and the ideal, and locating imagery where the beautiful clashes with the disturbing.

Curated by Brett Reichman