The No Place People (v.2), Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

2015 | Solo Exhibition |

The so-called “Junks” sailed into the region in vessels that resembled a heap of rubbish more than a ship. With their emergence in the early 24th century, these orphans of the climate crisis complicated life within the Southern Sea

Their rise brought terror to the region as they raided homes, plundered ships, stole salvage and abducted citizens for food. Deemed a dire threat to free life, the Antarctic Collective established laws to control the Junk population and preserve citizens’ salvage claims.

As the events leading into the First Polar War unfolded, the Antarctic Council found themselves with an immediate need to increase the Defense Force ranks. They reached out to regional Junks for help fighting against the northern invaders. This exhibition commemorates our unlikely ally in a fight against a greater menace.